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Simply Small Series - Saffy and Ollie
by Paola Opal
AGES: 0 to 3
SIZE: 4.25 x 7.75
PRICES: $7.95 US | $8.95 Can
HARDCOVER: 978-1-897476-69-7

CM Magazine:


"Youngsters may have already met these two characters through their own books, Saffy and Ollie, but now Opal brings them together in Saffy and Ollie.  The book’s opening finds Saffy playing by rolling her rock around on the grass. When Ollie sees what Saffy is doing, the little elephant inquires, 'Can I play?'internal art 

Saffy’s self-focussed response, an emphatic “No!...It’s my rock”, is followed by more Saffy rock-rolling until the rock becomes stuck in a depression in the ground. Despite Saffy’s best efforts, the rock remains wedged tight, and the young giraffe must seek Ollie’s help in dislodging it, assistance Ollie willingly provides. Lesson learned, Saffy asks Ollie, 'Do you still want to play?', and the two then share the rock by rolling it back and forth between them.


Content-wise, Saffy and Ollie is an ideal book for its intended audience. Sharing their toys is something that many youngsters have difficulty in doing, and, while most children’s toys won’t get stuck in the ground, Opal’s text effectively, but gently, makes its point regarding selfishness vs sharing.


Child and adult readers of other books from the 'Simply Small' series will recognize Opal's distinctive illustration style that features heavily outlined cartoon like drawings that occupy double page spreads. These uncluttered illustrations, coupled with the book’s brief text, make  Saffy and Ollie a near perfect read for youngsters who are first encountering the world of books."


Fab Book Reviews:

"Saffy and Ollie is an adorably illustrated board book from Poala Opal’s Simply Small series of titles. We have a cute-as-can-be giraffe, Saffy- rolling a rock along a green hill- who meets a cute-as-can-be elephant, Ollie, who asks to join in on the playing and fun. Will Saffy share and welcome a friend?"



  • Saffy chosen as the Canadian Toy Testing Council Top 10 Great Books for Children 2010
  • Perry chosen as the Canadian Toy Testing Council Top 10 Great Books for Children 2011
  • Multiple books chosen as Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book News

“Bare beauty is what you find in the Simply Small Series books ... almost haiku-like” — Word of Mouse Book Reviews

“…just perfect for the youngest readers” — ABC Best Books for Children

Opal uses vibrant onomatopoeic language, such as “swoosh,” “thump,” and “splash,” which makes reading aloud to children fun” — CM Magazine