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Monchan's Bag
by Sleepless Kao
AGES: 4 to 8
SIZE: 7.5 x 9
RIGHTS: world
PRICES: US $16.95, Cdn $18.95
HARDCOVER: 978-1-897476-32-1

Monchan, a little stuffie, arrives in Auntie's gift bag for Bluie. Monchan immediately becomes Bluie's favorite playmate. He carries her everywhere in his backpack. Monchan sees bags all around her. She doesn't have a bag of her own--but she thinks she doesn't need one. When Bluie gives Monchan a gift bag, she is excited in anticipation of what wonderful things could be inside. To her disappointment, it's just another bag. Then one day, Monchan accidently falls out of Bluie's backpack... and the bag, the gift she didn't want, turns out to be exactly what she needs. 

We all carry bags, and what we keep inside them reveals something about who we are. Ultimately, however, what we carry in our hearts counts the most. This sweet picture book reveals what Monchan carries in both, brought to life by the adorable art of Sleepless Kao.

Sleepless Kao's (Kaori Kasai's) popular character Monchan is featured in paintings and sold as stuffies. "Mon" is a Japanese nickname for monster and "chan" is a term of endearment. 

Curricular connections:

Kindergarten Program: Development of reading and writing

The Arts: Visual Literacies