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The World is Your Oyster
by Tamara James
Illustrated by Emma SanCartier
AGES: 4 to 8
SIZE: 8" x 8"
PRICES: $16.95 US
Higher in Canada
HARDCOVER: 9781927018996

Chosen as one of the Spring 2010 Children's Indie Next List Titles!

“Here's the perfect book for graduation, moving on, and just for fun. Animal idioms become the words for inspiration in this playful book that lets both kids and adults will find great new ways to express themselves. (This is also the perfect book for educators looking to teach as well as entertain.)”
—Becky Anderson, Anderson's Bookshop, Naperville, IL


The Sun Times, Read This by Andrew Armitage

"Emma SanCartier’s illustrations are simply phenomenal and the text is a treat.  The idea for the book is simple – marry the old sayings by which we live with images that not only delight but reinforce the text. 

Turning the pages, I read, “Some days your world is raining cats and dogs/You feel like you’re up to your neck in alligators/And you’re moving at a snail’s pace/Other days you feel like a fish out of water/Or a bull in a china shop.”  And each one of these pithy sayings is accompanied by a giggle-provoking illustration that cuts across the border between adult and child reader.

Done in what I believe to be watercolours, Emma SanCartier’s illustrations are hilarious.  They readily lend themselves to that wonderful talent some have to entrance children simply by turning the pages while reading the text aloud.  Ask any good children’s librarian and you will find that The World is Your Oyster is a fine new contribution to story hour."



Tales from the Nightstand --


"The book takes many old sayings and turns them into a powerful, illustrated message. That message is simple - Some days life kicks you in the rump but you have the power to make it all OK, it is up to you.  
My mom said it best when she wrote inside the book for the girls:
"Grab it, Crack it open, Make it yours, 
and don't let it Slide by you"
When I read this to my girls last week they were mesmerized. Lauren said she could read that book everyday. I believe she could, because I know I could.
This is not a book to miss out on.  Grab a copy, get one for a friend - pass it around - I dare you not to!
The Best Children's
The World Is Your Oyster is a simple little book, with an inspirational tone and adorable illustrations. It isn't a story so much as a collection of commonly used idioms that have been strung together to create an 'open letter' that is very much in the spirit of the popular Oh the Places You'll Go. Some of the sentences/overall thoughts created by combined idioms are quite long, and young children may lose sight of the overall message. For this reason, we like the parts (individual illustrated idioms) more than the whole of this book (how idioms are strung together). 

Speaking of 'the parts', however, if you are teaching idioms to young children in Kindergarten to Grade 2, this is a great book for that. Rather than reading the idioms together to convey the overall message intended by the author, it might be more helpful to look at each idiom separately, taking time to define them and discuss how and when they are used in daily life. 

The illustrations are truly adorable! We have not seen books illustrated by Emma SanCartier before, but plan to look her up after stumbling across this little book.