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The Kalevala: Tales of Magic and Adventure
by Kaarina Brooks & Kirsti Mäkinen
Illustrated by Pirkko-Liisa Surojegin
AGES: 8 & Up
PAGES: 200
SIZE: 9.25" x 9"
RIGHTS: NA English
PRICES: US $22.95, Cdn $29.95
HARDCOVER: 978-1-897476-00-0

Winner of the 2010 Benjamin Franklin Awards, Juvenile/Young Adult - Fiction!

Winner of the 2009 Aesop Award!

This classic Finnish epic was originally compiled by Elias Lönnrot in the 19th century from ancient oral poetry. Since then, the Kalevala has been translated into over 45 languages. This gorgeously illustrated English translation relates, in prose, heroic quests and battles for love, revenge, truth and the mysterious Sampo, the ultimate source of prosperity.

"I would that we had more of it left--something of the same sort that belonged to the English." ~ JRR. Tolkien On reading the Finnish Kalevala


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Language: Folktales/ Myths