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Windy & Friends: Windy
AGES: 3 to 7
SIZE: 6 x 6
PRICES: US $14.95, Cdn $15.95
HARDCOVER: 978-0-9688768-2-X

Publisher’s Weekly
“Playfully ingenious...The volume’s compact size lends the action intimacy,
drama and a magical sense of verite."

Midwest Book Review

“Windy debuts a new series collaboratively produced by Robin Mitchell and
Judith Steedman which is specifically designed for pre-readers and early
readers ages 3 to 7. Windy is a little girl who loves to fly her big, blue
kite on wonderful windy days. One day, when the wind blows her kite away,
Windy sets off to find it — and a delightful adventure ensues. A highly
recommended and entertaining read, Windy is enhanced with easy and 
complete do-it-yourself instructions for making a kite, along with playful maps 
to trace Windy’s adventure.”

Reading Frenzy
beautifully designed with photographic illustrations evocative of 60s puppet
animation classics, Dick Bruna, and eastern European children’s books.

Wish Jar Tales
“So charming I gasped when I saw it”

Georgia Straight
“This is a work of art... The story couldn’t be more simple — Windy loses
her kite and finds it again — but it has all the elemental charm of a
‘Winnie the Pooh’ vignette.”