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The Undesirables
by Paule Brière
Illustrated by Philippe Beha
AGES: 5 & up
SIZE: 8 x 10
RIGHTS: World English
PRICES: US $16.95, Cdn $17.95
HARDCOVER: 978-1-894965-88-0

In a far off land a king and a queen dream of creating the perfect kingdom by disposing of all their undesirable subjects. Their list from A to Z includes the Archprickilys, the Babbilylips, the Crumpitycrocs and even their advisor, the Granvilan! But aren't those who are intolerant the true undesirables?


Curricular connections

Social Studies: Language: Friendship, discrimination, fear, prejudice, tolerance; Critical literacies, critical thinking; communities (K to 4) 


Language Arts: Word Play (K to 4)