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Windy & Friends: Sunny
by Robin Mitchell-Cranfield & Judith Steedman
AGES: 2 to 6
SIZE: 6 x 6
PRICES: US $15.95, Cdn $16.95
HARDCOVER: 978-0-9688768-5-5

Sunny wakes up on a bright, summer morning to the familiar sounds of his wonderful world. Inspired by what they hear, he and his friends decide to invent their own playful brand of music. Before long, the happy children get down to a hootenanny time. The puppet figures designed and photographed by Mitchell and Steedman have a fresh, modern style. Clear, primary colors and charming line drawings add to the simple delight thwy give to children. Sunny is filled with plenty of boisterous abandon to entertain small children, but toe-tapping does not stop there. A CD packaged with the book contains song and music specially created for them to sing or dance along with, or just follow their own musical impulses.

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Curricular connections

Science: Seasons (K to 1)

The Arts: Visual literacies, music (K to 3)