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Circles of Round
by Signe Sturup
Illustrated by Winnie Ma
AGES: 4 to 8
SIZE: 8 x 11
PRICES: $18.95 Cdn, $16.95 US
HARDCOVER: 978-1-927018-18-7

Despite the odd bump in the road, all the Circles in the town called Round live happy lives. Until, one day, an obtuse stranger comes to visit, with an even stranger machine. Called the Corner Transformer, the stranger boasts that it will give them all a new angle on life, and a better shape, too. All the circles eagerly try it out... but changing from Circles to squares and triangles isn't quite what they expected... Simply yet strikingly illustrated with photos of three-dimensional shapes made of paper, this story is a great way to introduce children to the powers of advertising.