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by Paola Opal
Illustrated by Paola Opal
AGES: 1 - 4
DEVICE: iPhone/iPad/Android
SIZE: 38.3 MB
PRICES: $2.99


Coming soon!

The Simply Small book apps are here, and they’re completely adorable! Each app tells a different story from the immensely popular, award-winning board book series by Paola Opal. Saffy will captivate children ages one to four (and their parents too!) with its bright colors, bold graphics, interactive animations, and charming tale. Saffy is a baby giraffe too short to reach even the lowest branches of the tree. Mommy offers to pick her a leaf to eat, but Saffy wants to get her own. Will she find a way?




What’s Special About our App ?

• Part of a series of apps from the award-winning Simply Small series.

• Based on a popular children’s board book with an enthusiastic

established audience and in its third printing.

• Everything from the graphics and colors to the interactive animations

and games have been designed with toddlers and young children in

mind and are both simple to use and visually captivating.

• Fun, cute animations on every page help emphasize the story’s plot.




What’s Inside?

• “Read” automatically reads the story to you.

• “I Can Read” allows you to read the story silently, or record your voice.

• “I Can Draw” is an in-app coloring book using pages from the story.

• “Game” is a simple puzzle game where children can piece together a

page from the story.