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Cozy Classics Moby Dick
by Jack Wang & Holman Wang
AGES: 0 to 3
SIZE: 5.5 x 7.5
PRICES: $9.95 US, $9.95 Cdn
HARDCOVER: 9781927018118


"Enchanting... Jack and Holman Wang have done a service to literate families everywhere with their Cozy Classics"

~ The Wall Street Journal



~ The Telegraph (UK)


"Quite simply, delightful."

~ The Paris Review


"...a child-appropriate retelling of the original story, so adorable it makes our hearts hurt."



“Brilliantly charming!”

~ NewPages blog


“Personally, as an artist and photographer, I love the 'felt' characters that are part of the illustrations.  The lighting and the setting are very well done.  As a dad, I appreciate the simplicity in the presentation but I also love that it can inspire a love of story and setting as part of the reading experience. A great gift for the children in your life...”

~ Designer Dad Studio blog (Stephen Saint-Onge)


"What is Cozy Classics, you might ask? Well, they are a series of board books that adapt classic literature for babies. And boy, are they cute. The books tell the stories of classics using just one word per page, with felt crafted characters. The authors and illustrators are twins Holman and Jack Wang. In the press release, Jack notes: 'We created Cozy Classics to revitalize the genre of the baby word books by injecting a sense of narrative and fun for the parent. In doing so, we hope to foster in children a lifelong love of reading and literature.' The books actually tell the novels fairly well (or those who have already read them). Holman states: 'Unlike Barney and Dora, Moby Dick’s Ishmael and Pride & Prejudice’s Elizabeth Bennett are characters that children will never outgrow.' We couldn't agree more."

~ Huffington Post


"It took 200 years to get it to 12 words... Each word is carefully selected to relate to a child’s world and works even without any reference to the original. "If you, as a parent, can fill in some of the original tale as part of the reading experience, so much the better! The Cozy Classics website also offers parents story synopses, quotes, and other tools to help keep the story alive as your child grows."

~ Book Patrol: A Haven for Book Culture (Seattle PI)


"Can you imagine? By combining needle felting, scale model-making, photography and an extraordinary talent for editing, the creators have made it possible for parents all over the world to say 'My 3-year-old just finished reading Moby Dick. He’s reading War and Peace next… and what about your child?' "

~ Jolly Reindeer website


"As a fan of great literature, we were delighted when we received 'Moby Dick' and 'Pride and Prejudice'. These are not the typical large tomes but interpretations especially for baby. We just love reading them to baby. Jack and Holman Wang did a wonderful job on these books and they will always be in baby's book collection."  

~ A List Baby


"Classics because they are classic stories and cozy because the illustrations are made from felt! Who would have thought you could re-tell Pride and Prejudice in just 12 words – Friends, Sisters, Dance… A fun way to share your love of literature with the littlest people in the house or the perfect gift for the Austen and Melville fans." 

~ Kids' Reading Guide 2012, Australia


"Known as Cozy Classics, these books, rather than picking out small details of the stories, and using them as a counting primer (as in 1 governess, 2 rich gentleman) instead give us an abridged (obviously, as they only use twelve words - but such a masterful pick!) account of the tale. The twelve needle-felted illustrations are exquisite." 

~ LoveDecorateLetters blogspot


"Why not draw upon some of the world's best literary classics when writing for children - in this case, babies. Brothers Jack Wang and Holman Wang's forthcoming series of board books rewrite (in a LOT fewer words) your high school English syllabus and depict the stories through needle felted figures (hence the 'cozy').” 

~ Apartment Therapy


“While surfing the net today, I found the most adorable new baby board books based on classics! Cozy Classics feature photos of needle-felted figures as the illustrations. They are published by Simply Read Books and written and illustrated by Jack Wang and Holman Wang. They are really retro to me in a great way. What a great way to introduce little ones to the classics!”

~ In the Hammock blogspot


"Super cute! 12 appropriate words + 12 amazingly creative felt scenes = 1 of the cutest and cleverest books ever! And it's a board book! The Pride and Prejudice installment of the new Cozy Classics series by the brothers Wang is so fun and clever! Perfect for the parents who want to start 'em out on classics young. And seriously? Perfect for anyone who loves the classics if only for the illustrations!"

~ Book Adventures blog


“The brothers create the characters—from Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy to Ishmael, Ahab, and the white whale himself—through the painstaking process of needle felting, a handcraft that involves the tangling and shaping of woolen fibers using a barbed needle. Each figure is made completely by hand, and takes between eighteen and twenty-five hours to complete. The brothers then photograph the figures against carefully constructed miniature sets and natural backdrops to re-create iconic scenes from each novel.” 

~ Poets and Writers


“For Holman, telling a story with the figures makes the books distinctive. Beyond that, he believes that the craft-like quality of the art resonates with the classics better than a slicker illustration. The brothers wanted to avoid computer-generated images of any sort.”

~ Publishers Weekly


“Why should little kids be deprived of classic literature just because they can't cognitively process complex sentence structures? The brothers broke down some novels (so far, Pride & Prejudice, Moby Dick, War & Peace, and Les Miserables) into 12 essential 'child-friendly words' accompanied by images of needle-felted dioramas to illustrate the scene. The result? Pure, hilarious freakin' genius.”

~ The Book Catapult blog


“Every time I look at these gorgeous books I do rather think… ‘what crazy and brilliant mind conceived that idea?’ ….board books that will be enjoyed as much by lovers of literature as by the very, very young…win all round!” 

~ Children’s Books Daily blog


“Though the series may be developed for children, I have to say these might be too adorable (and adultly ironic) not to pick up for myself.”

~ eNotes blog


“Fans of the classics will adore this new series by Jack and Holman Wang, who take classic literature, break it down into baby-sized bites (only one word per page!), and make the story come to life with their meticulously detailed felt figures.”

~ Excellent Library blog


“The felt creations are incredible. Who knew you could get such great detail in felt? And even the photo lighting is cinematic. The only thing that could make these books better is if they came with a felt doll, too!” 

~ Gimme Some Reads blog


“…trust me, this is the coolest thing for babies of geek friends since iPhones were created. I’m stocking up for all the baby showers I’ll ever be invited to. I might cuddle up with a Cozy or two myself.”

~ Jho in the City blog


“Designed as developmentally appropriate abridgements for the very youngest of learners, Cozy Classics retell the world’s most beloved literary works in just 12 simple, baby-friendly words. Complemented by photographs of lifelike, expressive and simply stunning needle-felted figures and objects, Cozy Classics inject a sense of narrative into the baby wordbook genre. For while there are only so many years one can spend learning to count to ten or the colors of the rainbow, the pleasure that is to be found in the works of literature’s greats, as any adult knows, is forever!” 

~ MomTrends blog


“Parents will be amazed at how beautifully their favourite books are captured in these short board books, both in text and illustration. Bonus: grown ups get to fill out the stories for the young readers.”

~ Open Book Toronto blog


“The photos are exquisite.  They would be 100% frameworthy. I’m actually considering getting a second copy just to cut it up and frame it. They’re gorgeous.”

~ Trundlebed Tales blog


"Purists will scoff perhaps - pointing out that the Cozy Classics treatments of these tales won't actually help children understand the complex plots and machinations within the original novels - but in some ways that's missing the point. What these books successfully do is pique a child's curiosity when they're at Charlotte's age. In all honesty they're actually a bit young for her though it was great for her to be able to dive straight into a range of books and be able to read them all the way through on her own. You see, each page contains one word - rather cunningly picked to summarise particular scenes from the originals and it's done so effectively that you can't help but smile at the choices.

The main reason these have been demanded again, and again (and again! I'm not kidding, these have been read every day at least three times a day since we got them) is the sheer quality of production, presentation and illustration. Utterly delightful needlecraft and felt models of the characters and scenes mean that if you purely take these books as illustrated board books, they're some of the most beautiful you'll find nestling on children's book shelves. Every single character is instantly recognisable (and to Charlotte, the Bennett Sisters were utterly beautiful - particularly in the rather lovely wedding scene at the end of the version of Pride and Prejudice).

We dug out the original books and I read a couple of passages from them as Charlotte showed an interest. To her, this rather interesting 'stepping stone' between something child-friendly, and something fairly complicated and wordy, has been a journey of discovery. And that's pretty much what you'd want any book to be, even books that are as simple but so wonderfully presented as these.

There are plans for more in the series including War and Peace (!) and one I seriously can't wait for - Jane Eyre. Awesome! I'm sincerely hoping they're planning to also do Dracula and Frankenstein too!"

~ Read It Daddy blogspot



"By offering vibrant, needle-felted character photography and scale model illustrations, Cozy Classics makes timeless works such as Moby Dick and Pride and Prejudice accessible to even the newest reader in just twelve words.  Words like “sisters,” “boat,” and “friends,” may not convey the plot of War and Peace, but it makes a wonderful introduction to some great books.  Parents fill in the blanks of the story as needed or even allow the children to offer predictions what might happen next. Having kids make plot predictions not only helps them read, but introduces patterns and sequences that create a connection to the written word.  And you can’t get any more classic than that."

~ Parents' Choice


Featured in the 2013 Boing Boing Gift Guide!


"The talented twins, Jack and Holman Wang, are at it again with their new visual and literary board book masterpiece, Les Misérables. Having illustrated books together since 3rd grade the twins continue their first official project, Cozy Classics.


In the past, if you wanted your children to read the classic novels you would have to wait until they were almost all grown up. Now, with Cozy Classics, parent and baby can read the classics and begin falling in love with characters they can read about for the rest of their life. Simple words with beautiful photographed felted characters and objects make for a great read. Simple words such as “poor”, “rich”, “sad”, and “happy” tell Victor Hugo’s story of Jean Valjean and Cosette in a way that babies and toddlers can understand. Even if you are not a classic fanatic, the Wang’s Cozy Classics are a series that you will want on your book shelf."

~ Portland Book Review


"Now here’s a set that your little ones will enjoy. Cozy Classics is perfect for a literature loving family by introducing classic tales at an early age."

~ Little Girl Gone Mom blogspot


"When was the last time you opened War and Peace full of the best of intentions, only for them to dissolve, mirage-like, in the face of distractions as compelling as watching a repeat of, say, Antiques Roadshow, or emptying the dishwasher? Enter Cozy Classics. These board books (admittedly designed for children from the age of 0+) specialise in distilling the narratives of great works of literature into 12 succinct words. Alongside the Tolstoy epic, there are précised versions of Emma, Jane Eyre, Moby Dick and Oliver Twist. And who knows, reading them aloud to the smalls might just be the kick we need to read the books proper.

~ Corner Magazine


"I finally read War and Peace last week… in about two minutes!


At first I thought Cozy Classics, 12-word board book summaries of classic works of literature, were gimmicky. But then I read War and Peace and Les Misérables. And the cuteness nearly melted me. (“So adorable it makes our hearts hurt,” rightly said one reviewer.)


My kids (ranging in age from pre-school to lower elementary) love the books, and my littlest one can easily memorize them. They’re perfect reading practice for my middle child...


Both Les Mis and War and Peace initially make for a quick read, as you might guess. But my kids have really enjoyed the detail of the images (as have I!), and having so few words makes them easy to understand and retain. I did have to explain “stroll” to my three-year-old, but that provided a nice little vocabulary lesson.


These books are not only adorable; you’ll feel like a great parent in introducing your kids to these classics."

~ Words on the Word blog


"A gorgeous, unique retelling for tiny kids, in single words and needle-felted images."

~ Metro, UK